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Our Service Providers across the nation. Please select the region from the list below. Or CALL 0302 721727,0302 721728, 0204 333555,
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0302 721727, 0302 721728, 0204 333555, 0204 333556

Welcome to Premier Mutual Health Insurance

Premier Mutual Health is a registered Limited by Guarantee Company in Ghana and operates as a Private Mutual Health Insurance Scheme. The Scheme offers different products to suit the needs of all member groups in the country.

We provide health insurance cover for corporate institutions and other identifiable groups in Ghana. These products are specially designed for the working class in the society. It affords the employer the opportunity to provide a comprehensive health insurance cover for employees and dependents. This ensures that employees have the best of healthcare throughout the year.

Our services are available through a dependable network of Service Providers located in all the ten regions of Ghana.

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